Temple demolition exposes BJP’s fake Hindutva: Siddaramaiah

Temple demolition exposes BJP’s fake Hindutva: Siddaramaiah

Bengaluru: Opposition leader Siddaramaiah alleged that the BJP government has ordered the demolition of a temple in Nanjanagud, citing Supreme Court order. 

The government has ordered the demolition of the temple, after public outcry, the government has issued showcase notice to Deputy Commissioner and Tahsildar, Mr Siddaramaiah said. 

Both DC and Thasildar have carried out demolition drive since last August. After the public opposed the same, the government was trying to save its skin and stated that it had ordered DC to stop the demolition drive, the Opposition leader said. 

"How come the decision of the district administration didn't come to the notice of the government. After the demolition of the temple, Mysuru MP is making hue and cry. Instead of giving a statement, he should have brought the government's notice to prevent the demolition drive", Mr Siddaramaiah remarked. 

“BJP and RSS leaders speak on Rama and proclaim that they are the protector of Hindu religion. On the other hand, BJP has taken the decision to demolish the temple. By doing so, they mislead the people. Before demolishing the temple, the government should bring the devotees' notice and take them into confidence regarding the Supreme Court order. In fact, BJP has no regard towards Hindutva; only for the sake of votes they are talking about Hindutva. BJP’s double standard has been exposed now”, Mr Siddramaiah criticized. 

“Supreme Court has ordered for the demolition of temples constructed on road margin in 2009. Till date, the government has kept quiet. Now the government says that it will discuss the same in the Cabinet and ordered to stop the demolition”, he added.