KGF chapter 2 likely hit the screen on September 10

KGF chapter 2 likely hit the screen on September 10

Author: Vinayakaram Kalagar 

KGF chapter 1 had created history in the Kannada film industry, it made the Indian film industry look at Kannada films. Bollywood is talking about big-budget films in Kannada and Hindi actors have shown interest to act in big-budget Kannada films, this was happened because of KGF chapter 1. Chapter 1 has made a roaring sound in both South and North India. It has not only bagged the box office, but it has registered footprints in the Kannada film industry about the making of big-budget films in Kannada. 

Only after Bahubali, KGF chapter 1 made a big impact in the Indian film industry. Director S.S Rajamouli made people TO ponder and scratching their heads about why Kattappa killed Bahubali at the end part of Bahubali 1. Like in teaser KGF-chapter 2, ‘Ramika Sen’ stressed capital punishment for Rakhi bai, director Prashanth Neel intentionally, popped up this dialogue to raise more curiosity about the film. Due to this dialogue, fans are now asking Prashanth neel when second part of KGF will be released. However, the second wave of covid has put on hold the plan of releasing the film. Now anticipation about the film has been increased manyfold, fans are asking only one question to the KGF team, when the film will be released. 

As per the earlier plan, KGF 2 is supposed to be released on July 16. Hombale films have announced that it will release the film on July 16. However, the covid second wave has put on hold the plans of releasing the film on the scheduled date. Also shooting of the films also stopped due to lockdown even post-production works also halted due to lockdown. 

Now the government has permitted to film industry for outdoor shooting. Prashanth Neel and his team are getting ready to finish the remaining shooting and post-production works. Gandhinagar is getting ready to welcome much-hyped KGF chapter 2 on the big screen. The most likely film will be released during the Ganesha festival. 

According to film pandits, KGF chapter 2 will bag more than Rs. 250 crore, already it has received Rs. 50 crore from the digital platform. Notwithstanding its profit or turnover, but the film will make a big impact in Indian cinema, like Ganesh fest, KGF 2 will be celebrated as another big fest in September.