Vikrant Rona glimpse raises the bar

Vikrant Rona glimpse raises the bar

It was known that Sudeep's new film Vikrant Rona was being made on a huge scale. How big this was revealed in the glimpse of the film released on Thursday on occasion for Sudeep's birthday. 

The glimpse shows the enormous sets and lavish props that are part of the film. The film directed by Anup Bhandari of Rangi Taranga fame is a fantasy set in what the film team calls "the World of Phantom."

Called the 'Dead Man's Anthem', the glimpse wowed not only fans but many film personalities as well. Rakshit Shetty, struck by the scale, said "Wow! Such rich visuals, Kiccha Sudeep sir's magnificent screen presence, intense background ore by Ajju (Ajaneesh Loknath).

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Each element in this teaser is par excellence." The 'Dead Man's Anthem' quickly notched up a million views. The film is releasing in Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Hindi. Instead of different glimpses in each language, only one in English was released today. 

The production values caught the attention of fans who did not stop comparing it to Hollywood productions. It remained the biggest trending video on YouTube for the day.